Mountain Howitzer Wheels-Gatling Gun Wheels


A rock solid pair of wheels and custom axle that will perform well with most projects. Wheels that have over-sized charges attached through our shipper will show that charge in ( ) besides the wheel. This will be added into the wheel price on checkout. Feel free to email or call with questions.

  • 2″ Rims.
  • 1/4″ Steel Tire. 3/8″ available. Rubber tires available.
  • Custom work available by phone orders, as well as scale versions.


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A high quality pair of Mountain Howitzer or Gatling gun wheels with a custom length axle included.  These have also been used many times for other Gun projects we have done. Average weight bearing for 2 wheels with a 1 1/8” axle is 900 lbs.

Smooth Roller bearing movement. Strong hardwood construction that will last for decades. A superior wheel and axle kit at a very fair price.

Wheels over 48″ must ship freight, please call for rates.

If you buy our mountain howitzer wagon wheel and axle kit, you will get:

    • 2 Wheels and 1 Roller Bearing axle (or stub axles, if you prefer) custom cut to your project width, bearings included.
    • Quality hickory hard wood construction.
    • Available in even sizes from 36″-52″ for these applications. 2″ Rim width.
    • 1/4″ Steel Tire. 3/8″ available, and also Rubber tires available. Please call.Wheels that you can beat with a hammer, we do not play in the shallow end of the pool when it comes to building wheels.
    • *Please contact us for your axle length. It is important we get this part of the project right without any guesswork. Best, Eric.
    • Years of experience and advice, if needed.


Please call to discuss your project. This is not a light investment for most people, and we want to get it right first time out. We will need the outside width of your project anyway to determine your axle length. Best to call for shipping also, we may be able to save you money on that too.

Need to Place a Large or Custom Order? Call Us Today at (877) 261-5432!

If you need a much larger or custom mountain howitzer gattling gun wheel, please contact us with detailed specifications. Most likely, we can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Due to the many different uses our customers put our mountain howitzer and Gatling gun wheels to task for, it is always best to give us a call or send a detailed email of exactly what you need. Remember to give us a call at (877) 261-5432 if you want to make modifications.

Eric C. – Owner

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Weight 25 lbs


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