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High Quality decorative Wagon Wheels for sale in three different styles. We build real wagon wheels, even when they are decorative. Choose your size and style, or request something more custom. Wheels 36″ and above  are considered over-size by every shipper, you will see the charge for that in ( ) next to those larger wheels. It will be added into the price of the wheel at checkout. Call us, of course if you have questions.  Regards, Eric and Crew @ Custom Wagon Wheels.

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Three different styles of  decorative wooden wagon wheels available.

Our Decorative wooden wagon wheels are real wheels, built from the same hardwood stock as our functional, working wagon wheels. All of our decorative wagon wheels will hold considerable weight for actual use, and will last for many years even in extreme conditions. And, we offer them in various finishes. From plain, natural wood grain to wheels that look nearly a hundred years old, and anything you want in between. You can go cheap and have your wheel warp and crack at the first sign of bad weather, or you can buy with confidence with a decorative wooden wagon wheel that will be around for the long haul. Our standard decorative wheels are 1 1/2” wide, with 6” long hubs. There is an option to choose 2” wide rims, also. They look great either way. Custom sizes are available. Solid Hickory Construction, tough steel rims. Available in quantity at discounted prices. Feel free to call us about your project. Best, Eric and Crew @ Custom Wagon Wheels.

We build stronger, functional wheels for horse drawn applications and more.

Natural Wooden Wagon Wheels

As simple as it gets, a wooden wagon wheel built of quality hardwoods that will last a long time and look good doing it. These are ready to stain, paint, or can be left on their own outdoors to age gracefully. Quality hickory and a tough fire-forged steel rim. Many years of use indoors or out. Fine for stationary carts, wagons, other projects. Even our decorative wheels will hold over 100 lbs. Per wheel. 1 1/2” wide, 6” long hub with steel bands. Plain, natural wood. Sanded smooth for your finishing touch should you choose. Please see images above for already finished options.

Torched Wooden Wagon Wheels

A tough, beautiful decorative wagon wheel with an extra rustic touch. We will go over your wheel with a torch, bringing the grain out in higher relief. These wheels really stand out. Great for any decorative applications indoors or out, and they will hold stationary projects up to 125 lbs. Per wheel. Built from the same rock solid hickory we use for our functional wheels. Built to stand up to many years of weather outside, and for decades indoors. 1 1/2” wide with a 6” long western hub with steel bands, and solid, fire-forged steel rims. Two inch wide also available.

Rustic Wooden Wagon Wheels

A very rustic, quality crafted decorative wagon wheel that is built to last for decades. We start with our standard decorative wheel, go over the entire wheel with fire to raise the grain, stain it a warm oak color, then varnish it. Perfect for any decorative application. Chandeliers, pot racks, wall décor and more. 1 1/2” wide wooden rims sheathed in fire-forged steel tires (bands), a 6” western style hub with steel bands, solid spokes and rims. An absolutely stunning wagon wheel that will make a very rustic statement wherever you put it. The best rustic decorative wheel on the net, no question. Find options for Marine varnish above if your wheel is going outdoors.

We can finish in a different stain color of your choice, just please notify us before or very shortly after ordering.

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