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Highest Quality Cannon wheels on the web for the price. You can beat our Cannon Wheels with a hammer. This is a guideline more than anything here, starting with a Cannon wheel with an impressive 10″ hub, fitted with a steel sleeve (bushing) to accept your axle and a 2″ wide rim at 1/4″ deep steel.  Your good to about 500 lbs. per pair for our starter kit. Wheels over 36″ are considered over-size by our shipper. You will see that charge in ( ) next to the size, and it will be added into the price of the wheel upon checkout. This is our most complicated line of wooden wheels. As you’ll see, there are tons of options. We’ll make it easier for you in a phone call or a few emails.

  • Built of high-grade hardwood Hickory and Ash.
  • Comes standard with a 2″ wide steel rim @ 1/4″ deep, a thick-walled steel bushing for 1″ axle spindles. Axles in different sizes available.
  • Fire-forged steel tires.
  • Bolt-through construction.
  • Custom work for smaller and larger Cannon,  Mountain Howitzers, and Gatling guns available by phone order or email.


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Pipe Boxing

Roller Bearing Boxing

Cannon Axles with Lynch Pins

Cannon Axles with Lynch Pins

Roller Bearing Axles

Cannon Axles with Lynch Pins.

14-Spoke Wheel


We build Cannon wheels in many sizes for just about any project and budget. From a Cannon which fires one time a year to historically accurate replicas of #1 Field Carriage wheels that support very heavy weights. Civil war, other Cannon, Howitzer,  and Gatling gun projects are all something we understand. If we do business you will get an impressive pair of Cannon wheels built from quality hardwood hickory that will last for generations. Forge fitted steel tires and bolt through construction. Every wheel that rolls out of this shop is properly cured; there will be no shrinkage, cracks, or warp down the road if properly cared for. We can do the finishing or provide free advice.

All of our Cannon wheels can be fitted with different axles and in the length you need. Solid cold-rolled round stock with adjustable stainless shaft collars. Bar stock machined to spindles with lynch pins and washers. Or fitted with roller bearings and like axles for superior strength and very smooth movement. If you need more options we do custom work. If you want to box your axle body in with wood, a square axle is best, though if  you’re using a round axle body it can always be shimmed. We can measure for your axle length in several ways for your project. The easiest being giving us the measurement you would like from inside of one cannon wheel hub to your other. Allow for clearance off the carriage, we will adjust for washers, pins. Shoulder to shoulder specs welcome, too.

We can also build off of the hubs of your Cannon wheels  (or bushings) to provide you with a new wheel which will fit your existing axles. If the hubs of your Cannon Wheels are shot, then we will need the bushings (the steel sleeve inside of them). This will ensure they will fit your existing axle. And, we can always start from scratch. We’ve built many this way, as the hub is usually last to go on most styles of wooden wheels. Send your hubs, or we’ll have them picked up from your porch. In about one month we’ll have solid new Cannon Wheels built for you.  Lead time is relative to the project, but 4-5 weeks is average.

Many guys don’t want to take a loan out to finish a Cannon style project, especially one that’s only used a few times a year, or just for decorative use. We make wheels for that, too. Check out our decorative wheels. We can do them in many sizes and rim widths that hold up to a couple hundred pounds or more without breaking the bank. And we have a hub or two that is between those and full blown Cannon Wheels. That said, we don’t make cheap cannon wheels, carriage wheels, or any other type of wooden wagon wheel. Quality really is our goal.

Please feel free to give us a call or email us about your specific project. We can pretty much do anything with wooden wheels, so your project should be within our scope.  Best, Eric & Crew @ Custom Wagon Wheels.

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