Vending Push Cart Wheels.


High Quality Vending Push Cart Wheels.  Custom length axle included. Solid wood, solid steel, and solid rubber. Excellent for many projects. 500 lb. weight bearing capacity. Contact us for heavier vending applications, we build those wheels also. We will need your project width to determine your axle length, please let us know soon after purchase. These kits usually ship within 3 days. We  can also build the whole cart for you, custom projects are always welcome! Additional shipping for 36″ wheels and axle included in purchase price. ($35.00)


Price includes 2 wheels and a custom axle. Please contact us with project width so we can determine your axle length. 32″ is the industry standard for vending wheels. All sizes include rubber tires.


Here’s an excellent all around pair of Vending Push Cart Wheels with rubber tires. Your Axle is included in the price, and we will custom cut it to fit your project. More about that below. We offer these Vending Push Cart Wheels in three common sizes, but can build them at even sizes from 22” to 36”. The rims and spokes are built from solid Hickory. The one piece hub is constructed of steel and machined perfectly to match our solid core steel axles for smooth, silent motion. Average weight bearing per two wheels and axle kit is 500 lbs. Our best wheel for vending carts and similar applications by far. We’re proud of these Vending push cart wheels, and we’re sure you’ll be more than pleased with them.

For Your Axle Length:

Please call or email for axle length. We will need the (outside) measurement of your project. Typically, we will allow for 1/2” clearance on either side which will add 10” total width to your project. This meas. includes the hubs on either side. So, a 34” wide cart will measure 44” wide from outside to outside of the wheels. These Vending Cart Wheels also remove easily should you need to get through narrower spaces.

The axle must be mounted stationary. This can be accomplished most easily with U-bolts or wooden blocks. We offer both of these mounting options below, including all hardware you will need. Of course, your welcome to use your own mounting hardware, and we readily offer free advice. You can drill through these axles and bolt to your project. You can weld to them, or attach them in many other ways. Just as long as the axle is mounted firm to the project, your good.

We also build a regular line of Vending Carts, and can do Custom work as well for your particular project. We have done many Carts in various styles for all kinds of uses over the years, some of them pretty unique. Just Contact us and ask!

All of the hardwood, steel, and rubber used on our Vending Push Cart Wheels is sourced within the States, most of it right here in Ohio, and some of it in our own County.

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Weight 35 lbs


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