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Quality built Buggy Wheels and Carriage wheels with steel or solid rubber tire options. These wheels will hold up to 600 lbs. each.  We build much stronger wheels for projects weighing up to 6,000 lbs. Look through the site, or contact us for a quote on your project. We can also build new wheels off of your existing hubs to get your horse drawn vehicle back on the road for less than the cost of new wheels. We also build off of older Sarven style (without bearings) hubs and can just do plain old repairs on your existing wheels. Please see product description below. Best, Eric.

Sizes (Shipping)

Wheels over 36″ are over-sized for shipping. You’ll see this added to your wheel price at checkout. Over size charges are in ( ) beside wheel size.

Rubber Tires

Add Solid Rubber Tires, either round top (with a crown) or Flat Top Rubber.

Add Roller Bearing Axles

Add 1″ or 1 1/8″ Roller Bearing Axle. Please call us or email so that we can get your axle length right.


Our Buggy Wheels and carriage wheels are built from solid steam-bent Hickory and are tough as nails, for even the hardest driving. We build them  in  even sizes from 24”-48” Tall. Standard buggy or carriage wheels wheels come  with 3/8″ deep steel tire suitable for horse drawn applications. Standard rim  width is 1″. Check option for rubber tires before checkout if you want these, and wider tires up to 3″ are available.  Standard roller bearing hubs or flush (compact) hubs for many projects including horse drawn, or just about any project you can dream up that that requires up to 1,600 lbs. or less  total weight bearing. We make wheels for much heavier projects, also.

Excellent Buggy Wheels for Doctor buggies, runabouts, buckboards, many types of carts, etc. The weight bearing of two of our standard Buggy Wheels usually exceed the weight tolerance of the axles actually intended for them. We build quality. If you have questions, you’ll talk to the owner of the company before you place your order. We will impress you. We build a lot of wheels, but they actually are built one a t a time, so most orders for Buggy wheels, Carriage Wheels, or other Wagon Wheels take about three weeks to complete taking into account proper drying time for the wood.

These wheels accept 1” or 1 1/8” axles. We do sell custom length axles or stub axles, both options including bearings.  *When ordering axles, you need to email or call us with the outside dimensions of your project, the center tire track you want, or whatever you have to help us to determine the correct  axle length* There are too many options to guess, and we want to get it right. Your not bugging us-call us! If your rig is older, we can build off of your existing hubs or switch your axles out to accept our standard roller bearing wheels. We can also rebuild your older Sarven style hubs or existing bushings into wheels that will be historically accurate. Check our web site or call us for larger or wider wheels, we can do it. We can almost do anything.

Standard carriage wheels and buggy wheels with a width of 1″ wide may be able to be expedited.  Steel or rubber tires available. Average lead time for pairs or sets of these wheels is 3-4 weeks.

Don’t hesitate to call us at (877) 261-5432 or send us an email before you purchase. The process of ordering the right Buggy Wheels for new builds or rebuilding for existing projects can sometimes become complicated, and we would like to make it as easy, understandable, and cost efficient as possible for you. We can’t claim to know how to do your Job, so we don’t expect you to know everything about this stuff. Please do let us know if you have questions about Buggy Wheels, Carriage wheels, weight tolerances, or any specific needs you have for your particular project. Best, Eric and Crew @ Custom Wagon Wheels.

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