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Our Country Wagon Wheel Chandeliers are built from very high quality materials. Hard Wood, Hard Steel. Safe and attractive lighting fixtures. A great rustic lighting addition for your Home. Choose either Rope or Chain attachment, same price.We list our Standard sizes, but do custom work as well. Buy with confidence, we stand behind all of our wagon wheel creations even after the sale. Best, Eric and Crew @ Custom Wagon Wheels.

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Our Country Wagon Wheel Chandelier is built from a quality hardwood wagon wheel, fire-forged steel, rope, canning jars, and brilliant 50 Watt Halogen bulbs with UL approved wiring. A great additional lighting source for those who like decor on the rustic side.

We start out building our country wagon wheel Chandeliers with solid steam bent Hickory, a wood even better than Oak to build wagon wheels from. Our wheels have stocky 2″ wide rims. The steel rim then goes into our fire pit to expand it just enough so that when we hammer it back onto the wooden wheel it fits like a glove.  Each half of the rim is then bolted together with steel plates and further attached with square drive screws. We use fire again to bring out the grain of the wood in strong relief, stain it a warm Oak, and then varnish with a Matte finish that won’t glare but does make cleaning and dusting easier.

We build our wagon wheels in some sizes more than others because those sizes are what our customer’s most often want. That seems to be the same also for people who want to make a Chandelier out of one of our wagon wheels or are looking for a complete Chandelier. So these are the sizes you’ll see listed as standard sizes. We can build you anything between 24-48″ in this style. The average delivery time for one of our Standard size Country Wagon Wheel Chandeliers is three weeks. Sizes other than standard can add as much as three weeks to steam-bend and then properly kiln dry the wood for your wheel. This is where the Quality comes in, it cannot be rushed. Wood needs to be properly kiln dried so that it will not warp or crack down the road. We use local wood and steel, and source our Jars and wiring within the States also. 

If you have any questions or concerns about which size you might need for a certain space in you home give us a call! Our Country Wagon Wheel Chandelier can be built in other sizes to suit your needs. Sizes up to 30″ come with Nineteen Jars. Sizes beyond that come with 23 Jars. Wagon Wheel Chandeliers below 36″ utilize Pint Jars, 36″ and above have Quart Jars.

Remote Controls, Custom sizes, other Watt sizes, chain lengths, and other finishes available.  Just email or call. Thanks, Eric and Crew at Custom Wagon Wheels. (877) 261-5432


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