Single Tree Chandelier


A beautiful, well built Single tree Chandelier with Two Wagon Wheels attached.  Our standard size starts at 24″, so there you will have Two 24″ wagon wheels side by side. We took horse ready Single trees (wooden and steel hardware used in a pulling horse’s Harness), added Quality hardwood wagon wheels, and rustic mason jar lighting. This is an impressive addition for those who love rustic decor, and have the room for it! 24″ and 30″ wheel size options use 7 Pint Jars per wheel, lit with 50 watt Halogen bulbs. 36″ wheel sizes use 7 Quart Jars per wheel.

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A well built Single Tree Chandelier, actually a Double Single Tree Chandelier, with two beautiful wagon wheels. Available in three sizes. A great rustic addition for those who lean that way. You will need room for this, even our standard size uses two 24″ wagon wheels, this totals about 5 feet wide overall. Our 30″ single tree chandelier measures over 6 feet, and our 36″ option covers about 8 feet wide.

24″ and 30″ use 7 Pint Mason jars per wheel with 50 watt Halogen bulbs.

36″ use 7 Quart Mason jars per wheel with 50 watt Halogen bulbs.

All quality hardwood and steel construction. Stained a warm Oak color, finished with a Satin Varnish. All wiring UL Listed. Wall type plug or ready to wire in to electrical connections available. Remote control available. Dimmer switch available. Feel free to email or call with questions. Regards, Eric and Crew at Custom Wagon Wheels.

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