Wagon Wheel Hubs


A wagon wheel hub the perfect size for lamps and more. Larger hubs available, just ask!


Wagon Wheel Hubs that are used to build most of our decorative and functional wagon wheels. Built from solid Hardwood Ash, and perfect for lighting projects, rustic decor, and more. Our Wagon Wheel Hubs come in a variety of sizes. For our purposes here, we will offer three basic sizes of Wagon Wheel Hubs. Our First Size is the Hub we use for our Decorative wooden wagon wheels.   This Wagon Wheel Hub is 6″ long, 5 1/2″ in diameter. The bore hole in the center is 15/16″ inner diameter. The Front face is 3″ wide, the back face is 3 1/2″. There are two steel bands, one front and another back 1/4″ thick and 3/4″ wide. Makes a great finial for a wagon wheel chandelier, a lamp base, candle holder, or one hell of a rustic paperweight. Just a nice random country accent, as well.

Quality hardwood wagon wheel hubs for a fair price. We have larger sizes too, up to massive ones that are 13″ long and have huge diameters. That said, this page is a work in progress. Images and descriptions of larger wagon wheel hubs are coming soon. In the interim, please feel free to call or email should you have a question about certain sizes or specifications that might work for your project.

Wagon Wheel Hubs are the heart of the wheel. The performance of every other part of the wheel directly depends on it. How large the mortises are to accept a certain size spoke, the amount of weight it will bear under different uses, the type and style of the axle it will accept. When we build out a Wagon, Carriage, or Cannon Wheel, we always start with the Hub.


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