Peddler Vending Cart


A great light use Peddler Vending Cart. Many Storefront and vending uses. If you need serious Vending Cart Wheels, axles,  or a custom built Vending Cart, we build those too.  





A very attractive and sturdy Peddler Vending Cart for many vending applications. Ideal for store front display. Holds 150 Lbs. Built from solid Cedar which resists weather and insects. Large 21” x 38” bed to show off your wares. Stained a warm natural color. 28” steam bent hardwood wheels with steel rims, painted black. Minor assembly required, takes about 20 minutes from box to Street. Honest.

This particular Peddler Vending Cart is really meant for stationary use most of the time. To move in and out of a store front, to move displays here and there, as a rustic showcase for home or garden items. Constructed for that purpose, but built well enough that it will be there for many years. We build a version of this Peddler Vending Cart that is intended for hard core vending, capable of holding 400 lbs. for our basic model, and weights above that are not a problem.  We have built carts for Military Contractors, Produce Vendors, and everything in between.  Keep in mind that we are basically talking about a rectangle built from wood as the basic component of most vending cart or kiosk type carts, so using some amount of creative license is the rule rather than the exception. Many Customers do want some sort of variation in many of the Carts we build.  Check out our Vending Carts here.

If your building your own Peddler Vending Cart, check out our package kit which includes 2 professional grade vending wheels with rubber rims and an axle which we’ll custom cut to whatever length you need.

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Weight 75 lbs


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