Mormon Hand Carts


A very solid Mormon Hand Cart Kit that will last for many years. Holds up to 800 lbs. easily. 48″ Tall wheels with 3/8″ steel tires. Complete package down to the last bolt, and easy assembly instructions and parts list. Four feet by Four feet Bed. 11″ high sides.  Wheel and axle kits available if you would like to build your own cart. Custom sizes are available.

Rubber Tires


Wooden Hub Wheels



This Mormon Hand Cart or Trek Cart is fairly close to the original design. Size wise, very close. We’ve switched out the wooden hub wheels for roller bearing wheels, which saves money and move much smoother than the original. Many of our Mormon Hand Carts go to families in the LDS  Church who want to pass on a bit of heritage to their kids and community. Some go to towns across the states for carts during festivals or special occasions, and some just sit in yards as country decor. Some go to individuals who think more about Survival than maybe the average person does. Some have been used in Movies and Commercials. And to Stakes all over the United States.

This is a solid, fairly close representation of a Mormon Hand Cart that can hold about 800 Lbs. The box and T-Handle are made from Poplar, the 48″ wheels are made of Hickory. It’s a simple design which works. Can be adapted for horse drawn use. We have stained this particular cart with Minwax Golden Oak. Your Mormon Hand Cart will not be stained unless you choose that as an option below. Keep in mind that a couple kids with rags in hand can stain this cart in about an hour and a half.

48” Tall wheels with Steel Rims
Roller Bearings packed in the wheels. (If you intend on running this Mormon Hand Cart on pavement during parades, etc., you’ll need to check your town’s rules for using steel tires on public streets) We can certainly switch the wheels out for you in this case, and you’ll find that option below.

Comes in six cartons. Comes with a materials list and easy to understand instructions which allows just about anyone to put it together in about three hours. We can ship your Hand Cart fully assembled, it will add 200.00 to the total price. Total cart weight is 210 Lbs. You can also use our medium duty wagon wheels on this cart if you prefer wooden hubs. This addition is listed below, along with staining and the option to replace the steel tires with solid, durable rubber. Thanks for your business, Eric and Crew @ Custom Wagon Wheels.

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Weight 150 lbs


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