Small Wagon Wheels, Gun Cart Wheels.


Smaller wheels that hold 50 lbs. of Weight for most uses, great for many projects where smaller wheels are needed.$4.00 extra per wheel for shipping 18″ and 20″ Wheels. Most Customers use these for Gun Cart Wheels or shooting Cart wheels, but they are great for scaled down Cannon Wheels and many other wagon and cart designs. Attractive and retro staggered spoke design. Accept 1/2″ steel axles.



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These small wagon wheels, generally used for Gun Cart Wheels pack a  lot of punch for their size and price. Available in even sizes from 10-20 inches. Sleeved with bushings to accept 1/2″ round stock axles. One inch wide rims. Staggered spoke design. High weight bearing at approx. 50 lbs. per wheel. Made of solid Hickory, Ash, and Steel. Two hub bands, and sheathed in 1/8″ deep steel tires, or bands as most of our customers call them.

Many customers use these for Gun Carts, or scaled down Cannon, howitzer or Gatling Gun projects, but we’ve sent them out for hundreds of other projects. A great wheel if smaller size but high performance is required. The main exception for using these wheels for weight bearing tolerances above 200 lbs (per set of four) is how long the axle will be. Since we can only use 1/2″ axles with these wheels, the axle-if not supported, can bend if stretched out too far. We do not reccomend  going over two feet in total width of your project unless you can support the axle in at least two places along the bottom of the project.

As a plus to scale Cannon Wheel projects, the staggered spoke design alone gives the appearance of Dish, or that curvature you will see in wooden wheels made for that use. It is very hard to press this into the wheels once they are done due to their size, but the look of it is already there.  If you need wooden wheels with larger hubs, check out our Cannon Wheels, or even our Decorative wooden Wagon Wheels for static displays or medium weight rolling projects. Since we build a wide variety of wheels, the chances are fairly high that we can build whatever you need for your particular project.  Feel free to email or call us about whatever you have planned. We have seen some really neat projects over the years.

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