Wooden Wheelbarrow Wheels


Great old fashioned  Wooden Wheelbarrow Wheels built from solid wood and steel. These are real wheelbarrow wheels with thick steel tires and nice staggered spoke design. Very strong and durable. This is the only size we build these, folks. We do offer these Wooden Wheelbarrow Wheels with thinner steel tires for more decorative applications. Just Contact us. Available at Wholesale prices also.


Wooden Wheelbarrow Wheels built in an old-fashioned, turn of the Century design. Steam bent wood and fire-forged steel tires. Though we build these wooden wheelbarrow wheels with higher tech tools and newer techniques, we tipped our hat to the original styling and functionality of similar wheels built 100 years ago. Crafted from Ash and Poplar. These wooden wheelbarrow wheels will hold up to 250 lbs. readily, and perform just like any other wheelbarrow wheel would, except of course we’ve used a steel tire rather than rubber. We can put rubber on these, please contact us for cost adjustment. When first designed, this type of wheel was designed for work under harsh conditions, and ours are no exception. Perfectly fine for use in rocky, or otherwise unforgiving areas. Any wheel you see on this Site is there because we are proud of it, and our standards are high.  Please check out the measurements below, and let us know if you have questions concerning your particular project.

Eighteen inches Tall. One inch wide steel tire 1/4″ deep. Fourteen inch long, conical, tapered hub.

We can also build these Wooden Wheelbarrow Wheels for more decorative applications, and at wholesale prices as well. If you have a project that is more static, or for display purposes only, let us know and we can build these with thinner steel tires to reduce the cost for you. It will look like the same wooden wheelbarrow wheels you see here, only with a reduced profile steel band. And even those will be heat-shrunk to your wheel and it is still very solid and usable up to loads of 100 lbs. If this design does not work for your project we offer other wheels in similar sizes, or even smaller, such as our Utility Wagon Wheels with steel hubs and bearings, which will hold heavy weights in a compact style.


Steel axles-spindles are 2″ long, and are 1/2″ O.D

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs


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