Buckboard Wagon-Loaded.


A classic western Buckboard wagon with a smoother ride and dependable, easy braking. All the best the West had to offer a century ago with some comfortable updates, including hydraulic brakes and rubber tires. Our Buckboard Wagons are built for decades of hard use. Changes such as width or length and some custom changes are available, most times with little price increase. Just get a hold of us by phone or email. Best, Eric.


A large Buckboard wagon with extras- for performance and comfort. This is basically the wagon you would see in black and white images or on shows like Bonanza or Little House on the prairie. It was the SUV of it’s time. Hauling kids to school, the family to Church, and into town for supplies. Tending property and livestock, stuff like that. Some of our customers are fine with our classic Buckboard wagon version with a friction brake and steel tires, others prefer the quieter and softer ride afforded by rubber, and the familiar push of a pedal with an upgrade to hydraulic brakes. We do build a version of this Buckboard with a standard, 1800’s style friction brake with a handle, as well as wagon wheels with steel tires. We build each one upon the customer’s order, so your Buckboard will be built for you. This does mean about a one month lead time.

Please find the specifications for this Buckboard Wagon below. Remember, this is a rectangle of wood with expensive gear attached to it, so we can change the length and width if you would like to for not much more. We are comfortable up to 10 feet or so in length.

Buckboard Wagon Specifications:

. 8′ x 3′  Length/Width

. Built of Ash, Hickory, and Poplar.

. 7″ Side rails. Drop down Tailgate.

. 38″ Front, 42″ Rear Wooden Wheels with standard 1″ wide round-top rubber. Flat rubber avail.

. 1 1/8″ axles and bearings.

. Full Hydraulic Brake kit, installed.

. 7 1/2″ foot drop heel shafts, circle bar, cross bar, single tree on castor. Fully assembled.

. Two side steps. Rub Irons.

You’ll need to call us for shipping arrangement. This ships for about $325.00 on average, but we’ll need your address to quote the shipping properly. Its always best if we can ship to a business with a forklift or a freight terminal closest to you. Dropping it at your residential place may add a bit, up to 70.00 depending on the carrier. You’ll get the best rate we can get for you. The more we know about your shipping situation, the better we can do for you, so call us! Or email.

This Buckboard Wagon is suitable from a strong Haflinger to a small Draft horse.  Larger Draft Horse owners, we can switch the shafts out for you to fit. Smaller horse owners, we can switch to a lighter, yet strong wood and size down your shaft sizes.  Versions of this Buckboard wagon can actually be built for Miniature horses.



Additional information

Weight 170 lbs


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