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Classic western styling here, our stripped-down, go to town on the weekends Buckboard Wagon. Simple, clean lines. Nothing fancy. Built very solid, a wagon that will last for decades. Options available such as brakes, Tongues, larger shafts, and rubber tires. Checkout a couple of our other wagons if you want something with more amenities. This is a bare-bones Buckboard Wagon, but a workhorse of a wagon for sure. This is the first style of horse drawn vehicle we built in our 20 years in this business. It still holds up in our opinion. Shown with both steel and Rubber tires in these images. Best, Eric and Crew @ Custom Wagon Wheels.

Hydraulic Brakes *

Add Hydraulic Brakes

Friction Brake

Add Friction Brake

Rubber Rim Wheels (Tires)

Add Standard 1″ Crowned (rounded) or Flat rubber tires. All Prices below include all (4) wheels.


Add Stain



Our standard Buckboard Wagon is truly fairly close to the kind of Buckboard Wagon you’d see if you were watching an episode of Gunsmoke, Bonanza, or Little House on the Prairie. We’ve built them for modern day movies, commercials, and even some theater, but we still stayed pretty close to our Original. Built solid as a rock, and ready for work.  Constructed of ash, Hickory, and poplar, this wagon is made to take a beating.  A full sized Buckboard Wagon bed at 8 feet by 3 feet. The kickboard in front adds another six inches to total length. 1,700 Lb. weight bearing capacity. No frills, but more than ready to work hard for you and look good doing it. Please find some specs. as well as options for adding brakes or switching to rubber-rim tires and more below. Give us a call if you have a project like this, but with changes. I’d recommend giving us a call anyway when it comes to something like our Wagons or Carts, best to make sure we are on the same page and you get exactly what you’d like. Exact=really, really close.

Package Details:

Buckboard Wagon, Standard:

  • Solid Hickory Roller bearing wheels, 3/8” deep steel Rims, standard 1″ width. 38” Front wheels. 42” Rear. (rubber avail.)
  • Solid Ash Wood Bed.
  • 1 1/8” Axles/Bearings.
  • Steam bent drop-heel Hickory shafts at 7 1/2′ Long. (fits Haflingers to Standard Bred/Quarter Horses. (Draft Horse shafts available.)
  • 7″ Standard deep sides. (taller sides available up to 3′- including Stake and Box Wagons), but a few inches more if you need it will not cost much.
  • Raised wooden 17″ deep seat on heavy-duty springs, with hand rails. Moves front to back easily, removes in a second. Additional seat avail.
  • Hinged tailgate, folds down.
  • Three 30″ Long x 1 1/4″ Wide elliptical (4) leaf springs.
  • Steps on both sides. Your choice, either single or double. Same price.
  • Solid steel and ash reaches from fifth wheel in front to rear axle with dual braces.
  • Rub irons, of course.
  • Add Friction Brake for 175.00
  • Add Hydraulic Brakes for 370.00
  • Add Tongue for team horses 200.00
  • Add Stain, Paint, Varnish and more, but too many options to add here, please get a hold of us for those choices. We offer free advice on any finish you’d like to do on anything we build to begin with, so just let us know! We will always paint your axles, fifth wheel, braces, and most hardware under the wagon with a flat black rust resistant primer anyway for no extra charge. Beyond that, don’t be shy to let us know what you’d like.

Shipping averages $300.00 in lower 48 States. Pickup is welcome. Fits in back of a full-sized pickup truck. Pick up is Welcome.

Additional information

Weight 188 lbs


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