Vending Cart, large Produce Vending Cart


A High quality Vending Cart, Large Produce Vending Cart. Custom sizes are welcome. This one is 7′ x 4′. We can add galvanized or Stainless steel liners, drains, cash registers, and more, just let us know. Hickory and Poplar construction. Rubber tires. Industry standard 32″ Vending  Cart Wheels. Great for loads up to 800 lbs. and tough enough for many years of abuse.


Add a Canopy, UV and Rain proof. Removes Easily.


A Vending Cart, large Produce Vending Cart, or whatever you need it to be that will last for many, many years and look good doing it. Rugged and dependable 32″ rubber tire Vending  Cart Wheels. Solid Hickory and Poplar construction. Square drive screws. Solid steel axle. Will hold 800 lbs. And we can build them to hold more, no problem. At higher weight requirements, you may want to consider some of our wagon wheels that hold enormous loads.

Seven Feet Long. Four Feet wide. 7″ high sides. Reinforced steel bracing. Custom sizes are welcome, usually for no increase in cost. Just ask. This is a rectangle on wheels, so feel free to ask about increasing width or length as well as decreasing any measurements, or adding whatever extras it takes to get your project done. Please keep in mind that any Large Vending Cart like this will have to be shipped Freight. We have very good rates due to our volume, but it always helps to have a commercial address to ship to if you can arrange it. We can also ship this to a Freight terminal nearest you.

Finishing options run from whatever color of stain you prefer to custom paint. Lead time for this Vending Cart is approximately 4 weeks. Finishing with either paint, stain, or varnish will add another week. If you prefer to build your own Cart we can provide you with the Vending Cart Wheels and axles, either the wheels we use for this item, or heavier roller bearing wheels that will hold much more weight, up to thousands of pounds. The bottom line is -whatever kind of basic Vending Cart or Kiosk style merchandising platform you would like-we can build it for you. Your imagination is our blueprint. Custom Vending Carts, wheels size changes, and additions are always welcome.

We offer help and service after the sale also. We try to build every Vending Cart so that they require only about 20 minutes or so, with no special tools,  to look like the image you see here.

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Weight 140 lbs


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