Covered Wagon


A great version of a scaled down Covered Wagon here, with plenty of room for your custom input.  Solid dependable construction. Like any of our other Wagons, vending carts, or wooden wagon wheels we truly do shoot for Quality on each and every project.  Your Wagon will ship Freight. We have some great rates, but it always helps if we can ship to a Commercial add. Highest shipping for this wagon is to the the West coast and averages about 425.00. East of the Rockies, about 300.00



Our Covered Wagon offered here is available in many different versions, including larger sizes both in length and width. On this one we took our Standard Buckboard Wagon, added a few inches in width and length, and then the Bows and Top Canvas for a particular customer in Oregon.  Hello, Melanie. This was, is, the start of this line of Covered Wagons for our shop. We spent a lot of time on this Covered Wagon, and enjoyed every minute of it. This was a learning process, and despite our legal name of Custom Wagon Wheels, most of our days are spent building out wooden wheels in mostly the same sizes for mostly the same applications. We welcome every Wagon, Vending Cart, or other creative project our customers come up with.

That said, this is a well built Covered Wagon. For the quality and price, it would be really hard to beat.

Covered Wagon Measurements:

Bed: 8 1/2″ Long by 3″ Wide. Ash, Hickory, and Poplar woods used. Center standing height under canvass 5 1/2″ Tall. 10″ High Sides, double Bow Clips, Fastex buckle assembly to bottom of bed for easy removal. Side attache Box, wooden Barrel with steel retainer, double steps both sides.  The Canvass is a material called Weather Max.  Has great UV protection, a water-proof shield, and is truly about impossible to tear in any direction even if you slash it. Wheels here are 36″ Front, 40″ Rear. Standard Steel boxing with Lynch Pins. This model of our Covered wagon has rubber tires on, we can do Steel tires for less. We can also do roller bearing wheels, larger wooden hubs, or whatever you’d like for your project. We can add a friction or Hydraulic Brake system, or switch out the Tongue for wooden shafts to be pulled by single horses or a team. We can also build the tongue to accept standard Trailer hitches to be pulled behind for parades, or other uses.

If you are confused about anything above, give us a call or email us. We will listen and work it out with you. Keep these two things in mind: We probably cannot do the job your doing to pay for this, so no question to us is a stupid one. And- this is a rectangle of wood and steel and fabric that we can change to suit whatever you truly want it to look like, so you should feel free to do so. 

Regards, Eric & Crew @ Custom Wagon Wheels.




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